Vocabulary can Make or Break an SAT Score

Want to know what it takes to go from the 650-700 range on the SAT Critical Reading section to the 720-800 range? I’ll give you one word – VOCABULARY.

Vocabulary is the key ingredient to improving scores in the Critical Reading section. Getting just one, two, or even three additional sentence completions correctly can be the difference between a 700 and an 800.

Reading comprehension already comes naturally to students with these top scores. But the 19 sentence completions in the SAT reading section are just as important. To get a top score, students cannot miss these valuable points. Getting just two sentence completions wrong can lower a score by 50 points!

It pays to become an expert at the process of elimination and using contextual clues to identify the correct answer. However, there are difficult questions that revolve solely around students knowing the vocabulary. That means having a strong vocabulary is essential to getting that perfect score.

Building a strong vocabulary begins early. This isn’t something you can cram for. So how do you get started?

One way to start your middle-schoolers on a vocabulary adventure is Wizcabulary. It’s so much fun, your kids will almost forget they are learning too.