The SAT: What is It?

The SAT is a college admissions exam. Since 2005, the SAT has been comprised of three sections: Critical Reading, Writing and Math. This standardized battle is fought over a grueling four hours. Each component is scored out of 800 points; a perfect composite score is 2400.

The SAT is a decisive factor in college admissions, and improving SAT scores opens doors for successful students. The test is offered several times a year and most students take the test two or three times during their junior and senior years. Recently, the SAT reverted back to “score choice” which allows students to provide to colleges only their best scores. This gives students the opportunity to take the SAT multiple times without the worry of having to report a poor score.

The SAT is primarily a test of fundamental mathematics, reasoning, grammar and composition skills. Most of the critical reading passages are at a reading level similar to that of articles from the New York Times. Wizcabulary reinforces many key words that are found within the SAT readings as well as in the sentence completion questions. The sentence completions are a significant portion of the overall reading score. The SAT also contains a 25-minute essay that contributes to the overall writing score. The use of strong vocabulary is essential in order to achieve a top essay score.

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