Make Wizcabulary the First Step in SAT Preparation

Any major event requires lengthy preparation. A track meet? You run hundreds of miles. A trumpet solo? You practice hours each day for months! This same approach must be applied in order to master the SAT; students should begin early by studying and practicing every day. Wizcabulary is the first step in this preparation. Starting practice SATs too early is unnecessary and could even lead to burnout. However, building the strong vocabulary base that is a necessity on the SAT cannot begin at the end of sophomore year or during the infamous junior year. There’s just not enough time in a high school student’s schedule. Plus, studies have shown that cramming just doesn’t cut it.

So why not start early? Wizcabulary allows middle school students to build a rich foundation of vocabulary with a program that provides a daily dose in small portions. Here’s why it works:

• Words repeat if the child gets an incorrect answer, and repetition builds retention.

• Wizcabulary is age appropriate, yet uses words that are found on the SAT in the sentence completion and reading comprehension sections.

• Its fun formatting as a game encourages students to study vocabulary and make the process fun!

For overall SAT prep, if you do want your younger student to begin early, then we recommend WilsonDailyPrep. This program offers 6 SAT questions every day and tracks students’ progress. The best part is, it isn’t time consuming- it typically takes a student only five minutes to complete.

Take a look at Wizcabulary and decide for yourself. You’ll thank yourself in a few years when you see other parents with frazzled nerves rushing to help their child master a daunting vocab list for the SAT, and your child already has an ample supply of vocabulary to draw from.