How it Works

How does Wizcabulary work?

Students are presented with a vocabulary word and four possible definitions. Students should pick the answer they think is correct. To reinforce learning, definitions are provided whether the student answers correctly or incorrectly.

• If the student chooses the correct answer the Wizboy or Wizgirl (students choose their avatar by clicking boy/girl) GAINS an article of clothing; if incorrect, Wizboy or Wizgirl LOSES an article of clothing.

• Once students get eight vocabulary words in a row correctly, they will have eight articles of clothing and win a ribbon.

• If students login and sign up for a password – perfectly safe because neither email nor name is required -- students will be able to track their progress, and their scores will save to their account.

• If a parent provides their own email address, they will be notified when their child receives a trophy (equivalent to 4 ribbons). By providing a parent email address, parents can more effectively engage with the child and participate in the Wizcabulary incentive bank.

• Words do repeat later in the game if a student gets the word incorrect to reinforce the definitions.