What is Wizcabulary?

Wizcabulary is a free vocabulary game for middle schoolers. It is a fun, interactive, vocabulary website designed to engage students in learning words that are appropriate for students in 5th - 9th grade. Why free? Because we want all students to be empowered through education.

How does Wizcabulary help middle school students?

Wizcabulary’s words are appropriate for middle school students, preparing them for the vocabulary portion of the private school entrance exams: SSAT and ISEE. It also serves as an early step in preparation for future SAT and ACT college entrance exams. Wizcabulary’s vocabulary fosters critical reading skills and the game-like approach is fun and engaging so students want to participate and learn. Because registration is not required, Wizcabulary can be used at home, or in the classroom.

Why are words repeated?

Words are repeated to ensure retention. Studies show that constant repetition fosters recall and knowledge. The goal of Wizcabulary is to help students learn new, age-appropriate vocabulary words that promote critical thinking and active reading skills.

Why do parents and kids like Wizcabulary?

If a child creates a log-in password and parents provide an email address, parents can stay informed about progress and can motivate their child. But Wizcabulary does more than effectively teach vocabulary. It also teaches students about social responsibility. Wizcabulary donates $0.01 for every word a student gets correct. The more that students play, the more they help underprivileged students receive the academic tools necessary for getting into and succeeding in college. See www.graphitforward.org for more about how this non-profit organization helps students lacking means, but not ability, receive free test prep and a graphing calculator; a necessity for college admissions tests such as the SAT and ACT.

Why start now to prep for standardized tests?

Wizcabulary’s vocabulary fosters critical reading skills. And getting a good grounding in vocabulary early prepares students for the vocabulary portion of the private school entrance exams – SSAT and ISEE. Starting the study of vocabulary in middle school also serves as early preparation for upcoming SAT and ACT college entrance exams.

Is this website safe for middle school students?

When students sign up for a log-in password they do not have to provide an email address. Students can register without an email, ensuring privacy. If students sign up for a password, they can track their scores. Scores accumulate each time students log onto Wizcabulary.

Why should parents create a log-in?

If parents create a log-in and provide an email address they will receive updates on their children’s accomplishments and can then participate in the Parent Incentive Program. Note that email addresses will NOT be given or sold to outside marketing companies. In addition, all email is password protected.

Parents will be alerted when their children reach certain achievement levels. They can then reinforce and reward their child’s achievements by creating incentives that are placed in the Wizcabulary incentive “bank” (ie. treats for a basic level, a larger reward once more words are learned).

How does the Parent Incentive Program work?

If parents provide an email address, they will receive a virtual trophy every time their child achieves 4 ribbons (completes approximately 60 words). Parents can create incentives for their child in the Wizcabulary incentive “bank”. Parents determine the reward. For example, one trophy = an ice cream cone; four trophies = movie tickets.

Students often like to work towards awards and this incentive center gives parents a chance to support their child’s participation. The goal of the Wizcabulary website is to teach vocabulary in a fun, constructive manner. The incentive center is one component that adds to enjoyment in learning.

What do I do once I become a Wizkid?

Once students have earned 50 trophies or more, they should graduate and work on becoming a Super Wizkid! Go to www.wilsondailyprep.com to enroll and play WilsonDailyPrep's high school 1,000 word vocabulary game as well as receive 6 SAT questions a day. (WilsonDailyPrep also provides an ACT program.)

What is Graph It Forward Today (GIFT)?

Graph It Forward Today (GIFT) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit committed to creating equal educational opportunities for underprivileged high school students. GIFT provides online test prep, graphing calculators and gently used test prep books to disadvantaged college-bound students. In providing these tools, GIFT gives students in need the academic tools necessary to gain college acceptance, financial aid and scholarships. Ultimately, GIFT empowers the scientists, teachers, doctors and engineers of tomorrow.

How can I donate to GIFT?

Please go to http://www.graphitforward.org/ to help a disadvantaged student receive free test prep and a graphing calculator. $100 per calculator, an essential academic tool necessary for the math portions of the SAT and ACT, is out of reach for many low income students. Help is needed to continue to provide test prep services and graphing calculators to these deserving students. Please read more about this program and consider a donation.

Who created Wizcabulary?

Wizcabulary was created by the experts at WilsonDailyPrep, an online SAT and ACT test prep company. WilsonDailyPrep coaches have seen firsthand that students are entering their junior year of high school without the vocabulary needed to succeed in the verbal component of these exams. WilsonDailyPrep does not believe in cramming. Instead, WilsonDailyPrep was built on the premise that students need to practice daily to achieve academic success.

What’s the philosophy behind this learning approach?

The WilsonDailyPrep program provides students with the reinforcement they need to gain the necessary skills and strategies for SAT or ACT success. Students are emailed a daily quiz. Quizzes take only a few minutes to complete, but during this brief time, students are focused on the test strategies introduced by their coaches. This daily, consistent practice establishes continuity and helps students achieve their potential.

Wizcabulary ties in with the WilsonDailyPrep philosophy by providing vocabulary in a fun manner that can be practiced in small chunks. Wizcabulary is an important step in preparing for standardized college entrance exams as well as academic success. The WilsonDailyPrep provides a similar vocabulary game for high school students. Go to www.wilsondailyprep.com for more information.