About Us

Wizcabulary is a FREE vocabulary game for middle schoolers. It is a fun, interactive, vocabulary website designed to engage students in learning words that are appropriate for students in 5th - 9th grade. Why free? Because we want all students to be empowered through education.

Wizcabulary was created by Laura Wilson. She is the founder and CEO of the nationally recognized online test-prep company, WilsonDailyPrep, and of WilsonPrep, a premier tutoring agency in Chappaqua, New York. Laura Wilson is also the founder of Graph It Forward Today (GIFT), a non-profit organization that provides test prep services and graphing calculators to low income students. She is the author of The Guide to Grammar, Write the SAT Essay Right, English in English, and two test prep workbooks. Laura is a former high school English teacher and she holds a BA from the University of Michigan and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Teaching from the Teacher's College at Columbia University. Having worked with children from a range of economic backgrounds, Laura holds the strong conviction that all students should be given the opportunity to excel.

Laura Wilson created Wizcabulary because she sees a real need for vocabulary knowledge. It is important for students of all ages to master the words that are essential to academic success. Building a strong vocabulary helps students with their reading and writing and builds confidence in academic subjects. Language is power. Yet, as a consultant to high schools throughout the country and with her own students, Laura recognizes a growing deficit in vocabulary knowledge within high schools. Vocabulary study should not first begin in high school, it must begin at an earlier age. Wizcabulary is a FREE website so that all students have the opportunity to learn vocabulary.

To contact us please email us at info@wilsondailyprep.com or call 1-800-888-0692.